HUFFELDUFF's homepage

Hi there and welcome to my page, I am an 8-bit toymaker. I produce Commodore 64 and Commodore Vic-20 games as well as games for modern platforms but with a distinctive 8-bit flavor. On this page you will find links to my games as well as musings on my current software developments.

Commodore logo plus VIC20

Links to my Commodore Vic-20 games

These games have all been coded in 6502 assembly language:
Gator Bait - A Pacman clone
Jovian Moon Lander - A Lunar Lander clone
YASIC - Yet Another Space Invaders Clone
Galaxian Sleena - a Shoot-em-up
10 Basic VIC 10-Liner games - 10 Games written in Basic which only have 10 lines each
Murderlize all Humans - a Bezerk! knock-off
Chip-8 - A Chip-8 emulator for the Commodore VIC-20
Midnight Crimes - An Empire City knock off

Bug Run - A Frogger clone
Hydrocarbon Emergency - A derivative of the LCD game Oil Panic
Musical Memory - A Simon game clone
Sioux City Showdown - A First person shooter
Yet Another Cycle Race (YACR) - A Cycle race clone
Megapolitan Destruction - A remake of a well known Vic-20 bombing game BLITZ
Game of Life - A version of John Conway's Game of Life cellular automata
Yet Another Tank Battle (YATB) - A remake of the well known 2D tank game
Supa Vidya Poker - A Video poker machine
Wormhole - Become a cosmic Taxi driver
WolfPack - A Submarine arcade game
Just Another Snake (JAS) - A Snake clone
Memory Trainer - A Memory matchup game
Grid Slalom - A Three way scroller
Monstermaze - A Horizontal character scroller with a dash of Pacman
Just Another Breakout (JAB) - A Breakout clone
Super Vidya Poker - Black Lodge Edition - Video Poker with some fanfare

Other Commodore Vic-20 software

The Vixen415 Synthesizer - A software synthesizer for your Vic-20

Commodore logo plus C64

Links to my Commodore 64 games

These games have all been made using S.E.U.C.K. with some additional assembly code snippets:
Mediterranean Air War (MAW) - A 1942 clone
Castles n Monsters (CnM) - A dungeon crawler