HUFFELDUFF's homepage

Hi there and welcome to my page, I am an 8-bit toymaker. I produce Commodore 64 and Commodore Vic-20 games as well as games for modern platforms but with a distinctive 8-bit flavor. On this page you will find links to my games as well as musings on my current software developments.

Commodore logo plus VIC20

Links to my Commodore Vic-20 games

These games have all been coded in 6502 assembly language:
Bug Run - A Frogger clone
Gator Bait - A Pacman clone
Hydrocarbon Emergency - A derivative of the LCD game Oil Panic
Just Another Breakout (JAB) - A Breakout clone
Musical Memory - A Simon game clone
Sioux City Showdown - A First person shooter
Monstermaze - A Horizontal character scroller with a dash of Pacman
Grid Slalom - A Three way scroller
Just Another Snake (JAS) - A Snake clone
Yet Another Cycle Race (YACR) - A Cycle race clone
Megapolitan Destruction - A remake of a well known Vic-20 bombing game
Game of Life - A version of John Conway's Game of Life cellular automata
Yet Another Tank Battle (YATB) - A remake of the well known 2D tank game
Supa Vidya Poker - A Video poker machine
Wormhole - Become a cosmic Taxi driver
Jovian Moon Lander - A Lunar Lander clone
WolfPack - A Submarine arcade game
Memory Trainer - A Memory matchup game
YASIC - Yet Another Space Invaders Clone
Galaxian Sleena - a Shoot-em-up
10 Basic VIC 10-Liner games - 10 Games written in Basic which only have 10 lines each

Commodore logo plus C64

Links to my Commodore 64 games

These games have all been made using S.E.U.C.K. with some additional assembly code snippets:
Mediterranean Air War (MAW) - A 1942 clone
Castles n Monsters (CnM) - A dungeon crawler